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Tokenomics of Alephium

Alephium is the first operational sharded blockchain bringing scalability, ETH-inspired secure smart contracts, and energy efficiency to Bitcoin’s proven core technologies (UTXO and Proof-Of-Work) while ensuring better performance. Alephium also focuses on usability and accessibility making it the perfect blockchain to support decentralized applications and open protocols.

Alephium Closes $3.6M Pre-sale From 80 Contributors to Expand Sharded UTXO Blockchain Platform

Alephium, a simple and efficient sharding-based blockchain, has pre-sold for over $3.6 million of tokens to several major funds and a large number of small buyers, with over 80 contributions.

Aventus Bi-Weekly Update

Find out more about the fast moving ecosystem of our partner Aventus Networks by following the "read more" button below.

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