Terms & Conditions

Following terms & conditions applies to the users and visitors of the website

Section 1

The customer understands and accepts that the supplier undertakes to follow all technical best practices in the delivery of all of its services and to follow all the technical recommendations for starting up mining services in the Alephium network but gives no guarantees as to the result of the mining.

Section 2

As long as the equipment supplied has equivalent or superior performance to those stated in this estimate, the supplier reserves the right to change the equipment or to subcontract the hosting to any provider providing the same quality of hashrate.

Section 3

The duration of the contract starts from the moment servers are launched. If a day is missed, iabsis can decide to either reimburse it prorata or deliver this additional day by extending the contract by one day.

Section 4

The customer undertakes to provide all the information critical to the delivery of the service, for example a public wallet to receive the mining results.

Section 5

If the customer does not deliver the critical information for the launch of the service, the supplier may, after a period of 30 days and upon summons, invalidate the contract and reimburse the service. A sum of CHF 100 as well as administrative costs will be retained as compensation.

Section 6

While maintaining the guarantee of performance quality and the technical specifications set out, the supplier reserves the right to pool the services of several clients on the same server, GPU card or on the same FPGA card.

Section 7

The supplier reserves the right to subcontract or transfer part or all of its services to a partner company or to a legal successor under the same conditions.

Section 8

The solution is monitored and the support services available “at a best effort” without providing an SLA, especially out of regular office hour may not be taken for included in this service contract.

Section 9

Payment must be made in full before service is provided.

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